The authors of the publication recall this extraordinary figure; an outstanding writer, brave resistance fighter and victim of the German occupation regime. According to the memories of the many people who knew Zofia Kossak personally, as well as others, she was an important inspiration and had a great influence on their lives. The book is richly illustrated with photographs taken partly from her family's own private archives.

"Each chapter is devoted to a different period in the writer's life - richly illustrated and marked with carefully selected quotes - the book is like a picture in time, in which a photographer, aware of his difficult profession, manages to capture the vivid emotions and human feelings in the dynamics of her life and in the face of the dramatic events she lived through" (text taken from the preface to the book).


Wojciech Grott, Marcin Kłodziński, Wirginia Węglińska, On Zofia Kossak in Conspiracy and Private Life, Gdańsk 2021, pp. 156, ISBN 978-83-65957-31-3