Volunteering is voluntary, free and conscientious work for the benefit of others, moving beyond your circle of family, friends and acquaintances. If you want to do something for others, and get involved in interesting activities in different areas, this is an offer just for you! Anyone can be a volunteer, regardless of age, nationality, social status or experience. Thanks to the range of our activities, there are definitely a lot of interesting things we can do together!


Volunteering offers a wide range of opportunities. You can decide to take up new challenges individually or in a group. The experience you will gaine is very often added value to your CV when looking for your dream job. You will also be helping us in our work to make a success of our own initiatives. And everything you agree to do, will be flexible enough to fit into your own timetable!


The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk is a place where the past - tragic memories relating to the greatest cataclysm of the 20th century - meets with the present. It shows the fates of both heroes and ordinary people in the face of the difficult reality of war. It is also a space for collective action, development and sharing of interests. Our goal is to pass on this important historical knowledge to the next generations.


We are offering you the chance to cooperate with one of the most modern cultural institutions in Poland, where you will meet people who work with passion and commitment. Our young and creative team will help you gain experience working in a public institution.


Why not think now about how you could fulfill your ambitions by cooperating with us? Think about what you like to do, what you would like to try. Maybe you have your own ideas that we could work together to put into practice?


We guarantee a certificate of volunteering, we provide accident insurance and any training necessary to cooperate with us in an area of your choice.


1.First of all, think about how much time you can afford to volunteer. We can offer you regular and long-term cooperation on joint activities.


2. The next step is to fill in the form below.


3. After completing the Volunteer questionnaire, you will be contacted by the volunteer coordinator, this is someone who will answer all your questions, prepare any training you might need, introduce you to the work you will be doing on specific tasks, and any formalities that may need to be dealt with. During this conversation, you will be able to arrange the details of your cooperation with the Museum. Then we will sign an agreement defining the scope of your planned volunteering.




Are you interested in the history of World War II and want to get to know some of the personal memories of witnesses of these events? If you like quiet, more individually focussed work, we encourage you to take part in helping to write up our historical recorded annotations.


You don't have to have studied journalism, PR or advertising to take an active part in promoting the events that take place at the Museum. Do you have a talent for graphic design, do you know any foreign languages very well or are you fluent at using social media? If so, this is a great opportunity for you to expand your skills.


Music, theater, conferences. If you are someone who is open to new challenges, you want to develop your organizational skills, gain interesting, vaulable experience and meet interesting people, this may be something for you. We offer the chance to co-create cultural events, in cooperation with artists and directors.


Access to historical knowledge, the latest scientific research, contact with outstanding specialists from around the world - sounds interesting? By working with us, you will be able to take part in various types of scientific conferences and be up to date with the latest discoveries related to World War II!


Would you like to learn more about what work our Marketing and Sales Department does on a daily basis? Why not join our team of volunteers and - together with our employees - take part in trade fairs, get involved in the organization and running of commercial events organized at the Museum, or help in the functioning of our New Technologies Zone? In addition, you will be able to take part in events such as the Night of Museums, the celebration of anniversaries of important historical events and many others.


Would you like to participate in our unique project of archaeological excavations and find out what the work of an archaeologist is all about? As early as in the spring of 2021, our archaeological work on Westerplatte will begin, during which professional staff from the Archaeological Department of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk will explore further areas of interest related to the very first battlefield of World War II. Are you unafraid of hard physical work in the open air? Are you disciplined and obliging? Why not join our archaeologists!


"He who remains in the memories of the living does not die"

Become the guardian of our memories, get to know and remember every day the special people who defended their independent Motherland with their lives. The true heroes of our history are buried in Polish cemeteries. Thanks to your cooperation with the Museum, you will learn about their history and become guardians of their often forgotten graves.


Volunteer coordinator

Bogumiła Brant

e-mail: wolontariat@muzeum1939.pl

phone.: +48 570 260 009