Reviewing procedure

Guidelines concerning reviewing procedure at the MotSWW

1. The Publishing House chooses reviewers, taking into account their specialisation, academic achievements and competencies.
2. The Publishing House chooses independent reviewers, that is reviewers affiliated to other research centres than the one the author of the reviewed work comes from.
3. The Publishing House places on file both the reviews and the authors’ responses. Review documentation is available to persons connected with the activity of the Publishing House.
4. Reviews commissioned by the Publishing House are carried out in compliance with the double-blind peer review procedure, under which the reviewer and the author do not know their respective data. 
5. The reviewed works are of confidential character. The reviewer cannot transfer neither the reviewed work nor any information thereof to any persons who are not connected with the publication process.
6. The reviewer prepares a review within the time arranged with the Publishing House. If for some reason they are unable to meet the deadline, they have to inform the Publishing House about that fact.
7. The reviewer is obliged to comply with the standards of objectivity; all of their comments require argumentation.
8. In the case of suspicion that plagiarism took place, the reviewer is obliged to inform the Publishing House about that fact.