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It is our great pleasure to inform you that on the 30th of July 2019, Ms Danuta Sikora, Director of the Regional Branch of the Military Property… czytaj więcej ...
2019-08-05 | Aktualności
On a ceremonial cruise, we started the functioning of the "Museum on Water", which is a project whose aim is to create a comprehensive and coherent… czytaj więcej ...
2019-07-16 | Aktualności
Can you find the objects hidden in the ground? Do you know what geo-radar is for? What is “calec” (“undisturbed soil”)? See for yourself by… czytaj więcej ...
2018-01-25 | Aktualności
In December 2017, a catalog of the temporary exhibition "Westerplatte in 7 scenes" was published by our Museum. The catalog presents the results of… czytaj więcej ...
2018-01-18 | Aktualności
Second stage of archaeological research on Westerplatte. We present some of the findings.
2017-11-28 | Aktualności
In October and November 2016 our Archeology Depertment conducted the 1st stage of archeological research. The foundations of two important historical… czytaj więcej ...
2017-06-06 | Aktualności
Westerplatte has been nominated for the badge of European Heritage Label. The Museum is currently filling in EHL application forms. Keep your fingers… czytaj więcej ...
2017-02-08 | Aktualności
More on this story here
2016-10-17 | Aktualności
2016-10-16 | Aktualności
The Museum Foudation Act of 2009 signed by the last living defender of Westerplatte
2016-10-16 | Aktualności
Westerplatte is one of the most significant places in the world's modern history. On September 1st , 1939 the Polish soldiers from The Military… czytaj więcej ...
2016-10-16 | Aktualności