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Thu, 04/26/2018 - 11:19

Westerplatte is associated mainly with the German attack on the Polish outpost on September 1, 1939, and this date is considered the beginning of World War II. The defense of the Military Transit Depot went down in history as an example of heroism and patriotism.

One of the tasks of the Gdańsk Museum is to take care of the memory of this place and to conduct modern educational activities to transmit knowledge about the events that took place on the peninsula in the first days of the war.


Wirtualny Spacer po Westerplatte

One of the priorities of the Museum of the Second World War in 2017 was to create a virtual walk around Westerplatte as an innovative multimedia museum solution. The undeniable educational value of the 360° virtual walk is confirmed by the numbers:

• 100 original Westerplatte panoramas (also from a bird's eye view);
• 40 meticulously blended archival photographs;
• over 30 recordings of historical accounts and soundtracks, among others with commentaries from the defenders of the Military Transit Depot.

Wirtualny Spacer po Westerplatte

The virtual walk is translated into English.

Thanks to this, guests can virtually visit the Westerplatte peninsula and become familiar with its history and discover the original shape of places of which there are now only traces. The Museum's Virtual walk also has the option to buy tickets in the online sales system, a map of the Museum's main exhibition, information about the options of reaching Westerplatte and a link to the virtual walk of the Piaśnicki Museum in Wejherowo (Branch of the Stutthof Museum in Sztutowo)

The Virtual walk has been integrated into the new website of the institution and adapted to mobile devices.

Wirtualny Spacer po Westerplatte