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WBMF Online Platform

Fri, 09/04/2020 - 12:48

A dedicated WBMF website and a mobile devices app have been merged to provide an exciting user experience. Extensive educational content is accessed  by means of VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) technologies. 
Easy access to AR and VR  directly from the browser and app level provides for a unique online experience. The first battlefield you can browse in this way is Westerplatte. Apart from the extended infographic, the user will virtually access the interior of the non-existent Stationmaster’s Railway House, which has been reconstructed with the aid of archival photographs and real artifacts from archeological dig. You can re-live the consecutive  stages of the German attack  both with VR goggles or on your smartphone’s screen : blowing up the Depot’s gate and the attack of the assault company platoon that was stopped by the Polish "Wał" field fortification unit. Don’t have a smartphone? Don’t worry! The interior of the Raiway House and  Westerplatte’s  battlefield terrain can also be viewed through a standard Internet browser.  

Visit and experience 3d models that are currently trending on Sketchfab! Discover the interior of the Stationmaster’s Railway House, which has been voted the best 3D model in „Cultural and Historical Heritage” section – top 10 in 2020 worldwide! Explore Westerplatte battlefield models with over 1500 views in a week! More at