People with disabilities

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk is accessible to people with locomotor dysfunction.

People on wheelchairs can enter the Museum building from the wheelchair platform at the main stairway opening onto Bartoszewskiego Square.  Lifts ensure mobility inside the building.

The security staff are always willing to assist visitors with locomotor dysfunctions.

There is 1 free parking space reserved for the disabled on the shoulder of the car-park access road in Bartoszewskiego Square.  The basement car park has spaces reserved for the disabled, available in return for a charge.  When in the car park, you can only enter the Museum using a lift.

People with sight dysfunctions can move about the building following tactile paths as their guides.  There are tactile paths on the following levels: -1 (entrance area); -2 (public area with e.g. the entrance to the conference hall; – 3 (public area – the core section of the museum); 0 (the archaeological exhibition); +1 education rooms; +2 (library); +4, +5 restaurant and cafe;

You can borrow a typhlographic plan at the information stand on level -1.  Typhlographic plans which help the blind or people of poor sight to find their way in space are arranged in public areas, before the entrance to the panoramic lift;

Visitors with guide dogs can enter all publicly accessible spaces around the Muzeum.

The Museum offers the service of hiring a wheelchair.

There are audio-guides in sign language, and audio-guides offering audio-description function – i.e. the description of the main exhibition, intended for visitors with poor sight; the function enables the blind to get an insight into the exhibits and settings of the main exhibition.

The stairs inside the Museum building are fitted with Braille handrails which enable the visually impaired to navigate around.

The glazed panes of the entrance doors and display cabinets are given a safe finish and marked with transparent foil.

There is a tactile model of the Museum near the main entrance in Bartoszewskiego Square.