Multimedia show “Poland: First to Fight” 

Multimedia show “Poland: First to Fight” 

23-25 August 2019 | 3 shows daily | free tickets available:

A modern and attractive multimedia show using innovative technologies, such as 3D mapping, diode mapping and large-surface mapping combined with a specially prepared soundtrack and a large-format animation entitled “Poland: First to Fight”. The animation was created to commemorate, in a dignified, solemn and attractive way, the Polish contribution to the victory over Nazism, as well as to pay tribute and express respect and gratitude to the heroes who sacrificed their lives for Poland's independence. The show is scheduled to take place on the square in front of the Museum. Between 23 and 25 August, the show will be repeated 3 times every evening.

The premiere show will take place:

???? August 23 at 20:45. On this day we will also present the show at 22:00 and 23:15.

Next shows:

???? August 24: 20:45, 22:00, 23:15
???? August 25: 20:45, 22:00, 23:15