The Long Shadow of War

The third part of the exhibition is a section entitled "The Long Shadow of War".

Location level -3


Normal ticket  23 zl

Concession ticket 16 zl

Family ticket 55 zł

This connects the story of the end of the war - the fall of the Third Reich, the liberation of Europe while, at the same time, part of its subordination to the Soviet Union, the dropping of the nuclear bombs on Japan - with a narrative about the consequences of the war.


While respecting 1945 as a fundamental turning point, the exhibition also briefly shows the most important consequences of the conflict: the gigantic human and material losses, the border changes in Central and Eastern Europe, the division of the continent and the Sovietization of areas east of the Elbe, as well as the post-war displacement of Poles from lands incorporated into the Soviet Union, displacements of Germans, and departures of Jews to Palestine. This part also includes the various settlements that were made with the wartime past, starting with the trials of German and Japanese war criminals, and ending with various forms of retribution that were applied in Europe to collaborators and people suspected of sympathies with the enemy.


The exhibition is enclosed by a space that resembles an Iron Curtain, which for the next 45 years would divide the world into two political blocks, and another section which reveals the realities of post-war Poland - a country devastated and mutilated by 6 years of war.