Event Catering

When organizing  a conference, you can use the services of one of the catering  companies cooperating with the museum.

 1200 m2 of foyer area can be  arranged to  serve refreshments either in the form of a  buffet or  seated dinner.

The foyer is adjacent to the conference room, which makes it possible for guests to move freely between the two spaces during coffee and lunch breaks.

Catering services suited to the  client’s needs and tailored to the nature and scope of the event within the museum’s unique architectural setting guarantee high professional standards.

The Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk cooperates with verified suppliers of catering services.

The companies providing catering services for commercial events organized at  the Museum areMuzeum Bistro, Restauracja Filharmonia, Stary Byron Catering Artystyczny, Hotel Grand Cru, Szafran i Miód

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