Obrady Sądu Konkursowego - konkurs na opracowanie koncepcji urbanistyczno-architektonicznej cmentarza wojskowego Żołnierzy Wojska Polskiego na Westerplatte

The competition for an urban-architectural concept design for the Polish Military Cemetery at Westerplatte

On December 14th, 2020, the first gathering of the Competition Jury began to select the best urban-architectural concept for the Polish Army Cemetery at Westerplatte.This gathering  is chaired by dr. hab. inż. arch. Boleslaw Stelmach Ph. D., Professor of the Technical University of Lodz - Director of the National Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning.  The Competition Chapter acts as the advisory body of the Competition Jury.

The aim of the competition is to select the best design of the Polish Army Cemetery at Westerplatte. The refurbished cemetery will commemorate the fallen soldiers of the Polish Army to give justice to the historical and cultural rank of this symbolic site of the beginning of World War II. At the same time the cemetery concept design will serve as basis for the development of full documentation enabling the completion of development plans. The aim of the selected concept should be to create a remembrance site with regard to social interaction, culture, patriotic and historical education. The refurbished cemetery should also serve as a site to hold religious and military ceremonies.

Contest hosted by: Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk.

Patronage: Ministry of Culture and National Heritage; Association of Polish Architects, Pomeranian branch

The winners will receive cash prizes.

The winning team of authors will be invited to negotiate a contract for the detailed preparation of the project documentation enabling the development of the cemetery.

Details of the contest, including information about the regulations, evaluation criteria, prizes, etc., are available at: https://muzeum1939.pl/en/competition-westerplatte-cemetery-concept

The results will be announced no later than December 22nd.

The Museum  will provide more details of the exact date of the announcement soon.