Promocja anglojęzycznej książki MIIWŚ „The Arithmetic of War: WWII Battles in 15 Infographics”

The Arithmetic of War: WWII Battles in 15 Infographics” - book promotion event

We are pleased to invite you to a book promotion event of the latest book published by Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk – “The Arithmetic of War: WWII Battles in 15 Infographics”. The event will take place on Tuesday, 11 October 2022, at 5.00 pm at museum’s cinema room (level - 3).


“The Arithmetic of War: WWII Battles in 15 Infographics” is a thoroughly detailed publication on iconic battles of WWII. Our museum professionals provided battle descriptions, while the museum’s talented graphic designer artfully merged texts and images to create an exciting historical narrative. The book features 129 visually beautiful infographics, 60 original maps, 298 archival photographs, and 40 drawings of weapons, vehicles, and aircraft. This illustrative content is paired with statistical summaries to tell the story of the causes, the course, and the consequences of legendary battles of WWII.


Values expressed in absolute numbers (hence the “arithmetic of war”) were reworked to offer readers  a unique WWII publication that tells the war’s history in a series of texts and graphics. These numbers, hard facts, tables and graphs, as well as archival photographs, give readers a fresh insight into battles fought on land, sea and in the air, while soldier’s toil and the horrors of the war are the main focus of the book.


“We should keep in mind that behind the raw statistics stand an infinite amount of human suffering, the tragic fate of innocent civilian victims, and the story of millions of people who experienced the atrocities of the war that irrevocably changed their lives”, we read in the forward.


The book symbolically links the past with the present; through conceptual graphics, it tells the story of events that have shaped the contemporary world. The education character of the infographics, which are the backbone of the narrative, makes the book suitable for a wide audience, not only in Poland. Worth mentioning is the fact that the reviewers of the work are two renown WWII historians – Professor Richard J. Evans of the University of Cambridge and Professor Richard Overy of the University of Exeter.


Admission to the event (Tuesday 11 October at 17.00 in the cinema hall of the MIIWS) is free. The authors and editors – Karol Szejko, editor-in-chief and author, and Natalia Gawryluk, editor-in-chief and graphic designer – will talk about the creation process behind the book. After the event, the book will be available for purchase at a discount price.