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Transport of historic Willys MB to the temporary exhibitions room at the level -3

Tue, 07/10/2018 - 10:57
Transport zabytkowego Willys’a MB do sali wystaw czasowych na poziomie -3

The historic Willys MB jeep, which is part of the newly opened temporary exhibition "A million from the ocean", was transported through the main exhibition to the temporary exhibitions room at the level -3.

The Willys MB purchased by the Museum was subjected to considerable discussion and renovations, thanks to which it became an attractive mobile exhibit. It was presented for the first time to a wider audience last Friday (July 6, 2018) on the square in front of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk. The event was accompanied by a presentation of historic cars, in a historic setting provided by members of the Historical Reconstruction Association "Hell on Wheels".

Willys MB is an American lightweight passenger and field car, called the "Jeep". Apart from the US Army, it was used en masse by British, Canadian, Australian, Polish Armed Forces in the West, as well as the Soviet Army. Over 360 thousand copies of this model were produced during the Second World War. The Willys MB jeep, next to the Dakota (Douglas C-47 Skytrain) aircraft and the landing craft is counted as among the three vehicles that won the Second World War.

The presented exhibit was a command vehicle of the company F, the 2nd battalion, the 32nd artillery regiment, and the 1st infantry division of the USA. Produced in July 1944, this year it celebrates its 74th birthday.