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Temporary exhibition "7 looks at Westerplatte"

From 1.09.2017 to 15.03.2018 in the Museum of World War II we present a temporary exhibition "7 looks at Westerplatte ".

The exhibition shows the most interesting monuments found during the first stage of archaeological research carried out in the area of the Monument of the Battlefield of Westerplatte. With about 200 exhibits, seven dramatic scenes were screened in seven thematic scenes, during which a few Polish defenders were literally overwhelmed by Germans with thousands of bombs and missiles. Archaeologists have uncovered miraculous survivors, many of them with unique contexts, testifying to life before and after the Great Battle.

Exhibit is available for visitors for a nominal zloty (tickets are available only at the ticket offices).

Ticket for the temporary exhibition - 1 zł
Ticket for the main exhibition and temporary exhibition:
Normal - 24 zł
Declined - 17 zł