Today Open  10:00 AM-8:00 PM

Notice! The New Technology Zone is temporarily unavailable. We encourage you to take a look at our virtual exhibitions and educational projects instead.


In our New Technology Zone, every MSWW guest has a chance to experience ‘Time Travel’ and visit ‘Digital Westerplatte’ - all wearing VR goggles using virtual reality technology!





‘Time Travel’ is an interactive game that allows you to learn more about the fate of Polish families during the German occupation. The project gives you the opportunity to move through a realistically reproduced interior of a pre-war Warsaw apartment. The game was prepared on the basis of our exhibition for children.


Thanks to the ‘Digital Westerplatte’ project, you can visit a digitally recreated part of the Military Transit Depot at Westerplatte, including the station building and the area in front of the railway gates. In addition, each user has a chance to follow the little-known, tragic story of the station master - Sgt Wojciech Najsark - and participate in the attack on the railway gates as well as taking part in repelling the attack on the ‘Wał’ facility.


In the New Technologies Zone, there are also computer stations, where we offer three online history lessons - thanks to these you can learn about the history of the Polish Underground State, the Soviet-German cooperation and the Katyn Massacre. As part of the lessons, users can visit selected sections of the main exhibition of our Museum, familiarize themselves with selected exhibits, and then solve a quiz. In the same location, guests will also find a digital educational project called "Westerplatte - the first battle of World War II", which is an innovative way to learn all about the heroic defense of the Military Transit Depot in detail. Computer stations also allow you to see our Museum account on Sketchfab, where we publish, among other things, interesting materials about World War II, virtual versions of our temporary exhibitions of World War II as well as 3D models of exhibits.

To fully experience history at first hand, we encourage you to participate in the very first Polish fictionalized historical spectacle made in VR technology (virtual reality) - "A Postcard from the Uprising". Thanks to VR goggles and headphones, you have a chance to make your way through Warsaw in August 1944 and learn all about the story of one of the Warsaw insurgents, Captain Władysław Sieroszewski "Sabała", who, on his way to the Uprising in August 1944, received a small prayer card from his daughter. At that time, he did not know yet that this card would affect his fate. During the VR experience, the insurgents look at us straight in our eyes, we are blinded by the light after leaving the sewers, and we can hear the sounds of fighting all around us.