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From the collections of the Museum of the Second World War

Fri, 02/09/2018 - 08:58
Krzyż metalowy z podstawą, wyprodukowany najprawdopodobniej w początkach XX wieku, używany do dewocji prywatnej, wymiary 41 cm x 19 cm. Fot. Mikołaj Bujak

A metal cross with a base, most probably produced in the early twentieth century, used for private devotion, dimensions 41 cm x 19 cm.

The cross belonged to a person living in the village of Olszewnica Stara. During the war it remained hidden in a basement, where a Jewish family was hiding. According to the donor's account, this cross was used to convince the Germans that in the basement there is a Christian family. The cross was shot at the end of the war, during the passage of the front.