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Thu, 04/26/2018 - 11:09

A virtual walk is a form of multimedia presentation of an object or place in a full 360 degree perspective around its own axis and 180 degrees in the up-down plane, completely interactive through cursor movements on the screen. Thanks to this virtual tour, the viewer has the impression of being physically in a specific space. He has full control of moving around the object/place, looking in any direction and zooming in any part at any time, so that he can see what he is interested in.

The 360° multimedia presentation of the Museum of the Second World War has been enriched with maps, archival films, reports by Westerplatte defenders from the Archives of Polish Radio and recordings of their previously unpublished memories.


Strefa VR w Muzeum II Wojny Światowej


The presented "Virtual Walk around Westerplatte" is a service belonging to the field of new technologies, consisting in providing users with a certain number of 360° panoramas, forming a virtual walk around the former Military Transit Depot at Westerplatte and the Museum of the Second World War.


Strefa VR w Muzeum II Wojny Światowej


The walk includes the following panoramas:

• panoramas made with a drone over the Westerplatte Fortress and the Museum of the Second World War;
• a virtual walk around the open-air exhibition "Westerplatte: Resort - Bastion - Symbol", by the main building, bunkers and the more important places on the peninsula (Fallen Defenders  of Westerplatte Cemetery, Guardhouse No. 5, Guardhouse No. 4, Guardhouse No. 3, Guardhouse No. 2, Guardhouse No. 1, Officer Villa, NCOs Villa, NCOs Casino, Old Barracks, Fort Outpost, Fort II Outpost, railway station, Westerplatte marina, Seagull Rampart, ammunition warehouse, Monument to Coast Defenders and vicinity);
• the building of the Museum of the Second World War from the outside - western wall, eastern wall, administrative part, view of the building from behind the canal, view from the Lime Bridge, administrative part;
• inside the Museum - main entrance, information point on level -1, in the main exhibition section, on the defense of Westerplatte (level -3).


Strefa VR w Muzeum II Wojny Światowej


Archival photographs from Westerplatte have been blended into current panoramas of this place to present its historical shape. Collected iconographic material includes postcards showing what the resort at Westerplatte looked like at the end of the 19th century, photos documenting the construction of the Military Transit Depot and preparation for defense in the spring and summer of 1939, the fighting on September 1 and the appearance of the peninsula after the capitulation.