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Tomasz Szturo Ph.D.

Dr Tomasz Szturo
+48 58 323-75-30
Deputy Director for Education and Collections

Dr Tomasz Szturo is a literary scholar, pedagogue, culture animator. He is a graduate of Polish Philology at the University of Gdańsk (editorial specialization), pedagogical qualification course, postgraduate studies in History, in Culture and Education Management and Philological Doctoral Studies at the University of Gdańsk. In 2014, he passed his doctoral dissertation on Eschatological aspects in Waldemar Łysiak's prose.

In the years 2001-2003 he worked at the Teacher Education Centre, where he coordinated publishing, editorial, as well as public image and marketing works. He was a co-founder of the specialized educational magazine "Pomeranian Education".

In 2003, he started working in High School no.1 in Gdańsk, where he taught Polish, history and cultural knowledge. From 2005, he cooperated with the Regional Examination Commission in Gdańsk as a certified matriculation examiner of Polish. In 2016 he obtained the professional degree of a certified teacher. His work was rated very highly by students and parents, both in the methodological-didactic and pedagogic aspects, and his graduates obtained some of the highest results in the Matriculation Exams in Gdańsk. In his work with youth he initiated a number of artistic, theatrical and social projects (concerts, literary happenings, multimedia performances).

In the years 2011-2014 he gave classes on the cultural dimension of bestiaries, as well as analysis and interpretation of cultural texts for students of Cultural Studies at the University of Gdańsk, where he analyzed various conventions, forms and cultural aesthetics (from myth, through painting to postmodernism and pop culture).

He is the author of several scientific publications combining literature, aesthetics and history (among others, Waldemar Łysiak or total literature, On the triviality of the PRL, or in the embrace of totalitarianism, Past de-tabooed or the reception of Polish-Jewish relations in the 20th and 21st centuries, Between Good and Bad or the romantic myth of a gangster). He also published reviews in "Do rzeczy" and "Niezależ".

He is a member of the Coalition for the Memory of Cursed Soldiers in Gdańsk and the Committee of the Council for the Commemoration of Combat and Martyrdom.

Since May 2017, he has been working at the Museum of the Second World War in Gdańsk, where he created an efficient and effective Department of Cultural Events. As part of it, he prepared and coordinated spectacular artistic and historical projects, such as the Ad Memoriam drama and multimedia evening, dedicated to the 80th anniversary of the anti-Polish Action of the NKVD 1937, the Hope concert of Włodzimierz Nahorny, a poetic evening devoted to Grażyna Chrostowska Will dreams still dream up to us? and the musical spectacle A ball with God.